The mechanical industry concept does not only include the industrial processing phases but implies also the technical skills of the operators about identifying the Customer problems and predisposing the most suitable solutions.

MG represents for its Customers the reference point since it has engeneered its structure and aligned its operating logic concepts with efficiency and technical competence.

Its multi-year knowledge is based on the continuous technical upgrading and on the maintenance of high-quality standards to ensure a high company competitiveness, a fundamental lever of business developement. The corporation management has built a flexible and adequate structure by following the Customers suggestions to ensure a better assistance. It is proactive in problems administration and in a continuous improvement, in order to offer a unique service whether it implies a complex project or a simple service provision.

This allows to draw attention of foreign operators too, managed by a competent office, equipped with native English, Spanish, German and Russian personnel which ensures a technical support and consultancy of high-capability.

The technical staff has a remarkable and well-established background matured through multiple and heterogeneous experiences in diversified fields, which translates into the capacity of dealing with Customers’ needs in a reactive manner and with always new and qualitatively excellent solutions.

The company production process follows a common track that blends MG and its accurately selected suppliers according to a production chain system. Internally, the involved actors share the same action methodology and the same care for the Customer ensuring excellent final results.