We have a long experience in sheet metal laser cutting, we work sheets of 4040 x 2000 mm maximum dimensions. The sheet metal laser cutting we perform is targeted to companies in the agricultural, food, furniture, automotive, chemical, construction, earth-moving, household appliance and oil industry fields.
Our company is equipped with systems for the laser cutting of stainless steel sheets, thanks to the innovative fiber-optic technology, and non-ferrous metals as aluminium, copper, titanium and brass, used in the fields of furniture, ducting, purification and electromechanical equipment.
The laser cutting machines allow to work sheet metal simultaneously for different customers, significantly reducing waste and allowing each customer to obtain a considerable economic advantage.
The customers for whom the company performs sheet metal laser cutting range from earth-moving machinery manufacturers to industrial and purification plants but also furniture. If you are part of these categories, you can rely on MG for the laser cutting service, with the confidence of being satisfied with all your needs and obtaining a result that is as much as possible in line with your goals.