MG boasts a machinery fleet constantly updated and has over 7 plants dedicated to cutting operations solely, covering a working range from D. 6 to D. 200 with a thickness of a few tenths up to the full cut. In addition to the round shapes, we cut square, rectangular and special shapes and profiles.

Several plants perform accessory operations in line such as deburring through wire brushes (brushing), chamfering with a male / die and by rolling, threading, boring, lathing, tapering and washing.

The materials we commonly work with are: carbon steel (iron), aluminum and its alloys (6060, ergal, etc.), copper, brass and stainless steel in different alloys (AISI 304 – AISI 316 – INCONEL – DUPLEX – SUPER DUPLEX etc.).

Thanks to the ultramodern equipment we are able to carry out various gradations of cuts, according to the customer’s need.