With a machinery of over 15 high-level work centers, MG offers itself as a contract manager for the execution of mechanical workings according to the customer’s design, guaranteeing the production of extremely high-precision parts with reduced times and costs.

Our main strength is the highly qualified staff capable to reach increasingly stringent quality standards, thanks to constant investments on the latest machinery.

The continuous refinement of production technologies, combined with the experience gained in over forty years of mechanical processing, makes the company the ideal partner for customers operating in different application sectors.

Furthermore, we have an organized assembly department and we can guarantee the complete supply of assemblies or sub-groups according to customer’s specifics.

Thanks to the high stability of the production process, MG has obtained certification as a supplier for important international groups operating in the packaging, ceramics, processing, transport, automotive, plastics sectors, for which it produces and assembles mechanical parts destined for the world market.

All the cnc machines always work under the supervision of the staff dealing exclusively with the good execution and dimensional control of the product they are performing. In order to make this way of working possible, the department heads supervise the production cycle, while other qualified personnel perform some necessary and fundamental operations.

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In the CNC milling sector it is very important the computerized detection of the work phases which, through the monitoring of the cost centers present in the work cycle that always follows the design, allows the constant control of the production progress through immediate traceability of both performed and still in progress works.


Thanks to the use of CAD CAM 3D software, our Company is able to manage with flexibility and reduced timing the execution of samples, even of complex shapes, according to the customer’s specifications. In order to optimize processing and reduce production costs, we carry out pre-series, sharing with the Customer the possible solutions for future industrialization of the product