In the field of high precision mechanical machining, the M.G. also offers a numerically controlled turning service.

We have highly advanced machinery for CNC turning, including 8 LATHES with NUMERICAL CONTROL which are also equipped with driven tools with C-axis c and Y-axis, with working fields up to diameter 600 with bar passage d.116 mm, for a turning length up to 1200 mm, also served by bar loaders, lunettes and tailstocks in cycle.

Two MULTITASKING MAZAK I 200 S turning centers with 5 continuous and counter-spindle axes are also included in production.

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The staff supervises the CNC machines during all the work phases, dealing exclusively with the proper execution and dimensional control of the product they are performing. The department heads supervise the production cycle, while other qualified personnel perform some necessary and fundamental operations.

Thanks to the computerized detection of the work phases,as well as the monitoring of the cost centers present in the work cycle that always follows the design, the company can guarantee a real time and constant control of the production together with the immediate traceability of performed and still in progress works.