Our precision mechanical workshop is specialized in the production and manufacture of items for the hydraulic sector. Specifically, all the components that make up a hydraulic system, such as stainless steel fittings and high-pressure taps; moreover the whole range of reductions, ogives, nipples, sleeves, oil dividers, special ferrules, pvc gaskets, teflon, etc., used in hydraulics.

The articles scrupulously follow the project and design provided by the customer. The production phases comply with the strictest standards imposed for this type of application; in addition, dimensional and functional checks are carried out on the articles made.

Our company is able to create products for the hydraulics sector that meet the highest quality and reliability requirements after being subjected to strict dimensional and functional checks.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of precision mechanical parts production, the workshop is a reference point to meet the needs of this industrial sector.