Extruded heatsink

With the increase in power of the electronic devices and their reduction in size, the management of heat dissipation becomes an increasingly important factor in the electronic products design. In fact, a too high operating temperature drastically reduces its reliability and average life. Our company is specialized in design and production of a complete and constantly evolving range of latest generation heatsinks for the electronics industry. The catalog shows all the profiles and accessories of the current standard products range, constantly integrated with the introduction of new profiles and technological solutions. Our technical and commercial structure completely supports its customers and business partners in their most specific needs and possible product customization.
The aluminum extrusion process allows obtaining profiles of infinite shapes, even complex ones. By varying the shape of the profile, changing the contact surface with the air and, consequently, the dissipation capacity. The extruded products are generally used in medium power systems both in natural and forced convection. The extruded heatsinks are presented divided by shape (T, H, L, K, E, U, P), width and height, and arranged in ascending order of dimensions. MG follows mechanical processing following the customer’s requests, guaranteeing reliability and quality to the finished product.

Welded heatsink

To obtain large dimensions profiles, not directly achievable with extrusion, two or more extruded profiles can be welded together. The welding is extremely flexible to the customer’s dimensional requirements and can be used for any change to existing profiles. MG Italy offers its experience and availability to its customers in order to create the requested product. We provide special extruded profiles already chamfered for a simpler and more efficient MIG and TIG welding operation. This technique allows us to achieve profiles with a maximum width of 900 mm.
For further clarifications, technical specifications or requests, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service, which will help you and guide you in identifying the most suitable product for your needs.

High efficiency dissipation

This product line stems from the continuous and growing need to supply heatsinks with ever increasing thermal performance. To achieve this goal we have worked on the section of the single fin, on the number of fins and on their arrangement. Obtained by mechanically assembling the individual fins, the high-efficiency heat sinks also offer high dimensional flexibility and the same mechanical characteristics of the extruded heat sinks, making them particularly suitable for use in high-power systems in forced convection. Defined Assembled Profiles (Pas), they are divided by width and height of the single fin or module profile and organized in increasing order of dimensions.

Led Power

We offer a complete and increasingly supplied range of radial heatsinks for LEDs in stock, each of which can be supplied according to the customer’s specifications ranging from the product cut to size up to the completely processed pieces.
Many of our radial LED heat sinks are equipped with holes and extrusions to make it easier to assemble the LED, thus managing to avoid the need for processing.
Larger radial fins can be made using extrusion dials assembled to create a complete 360 degrees radial fin heatsink, suitable for high power cooling applications.

Made from full

We make circular heat sinks starting from extruded or round profiles, in relation to the final use. We are able to design and produce an unlimited series of custom solutions for each individual project requirement. The range also includes a series of established size plates that can be used for simpler applications, already sized to accommodate almost all the active components available on the market. Such applications are used in the field of domestic or small lighting.