We deal with precision mechanical processing on behalf of third parties. For twenty years we have been working on small mechanical parts, continuously updating on materials to be used, quality procedures and instruments at our disposal. In recent years our attention has focused above all on the Automotive sector.

Certified quality. The Automotive field is the one in which we most desire to propose ourselves: we want to represent the ideal partner for customers who are looking for maximum reliability and precision. It is indeed for this reason that we have achieved ISO 9001 Certification and based our production cycle on the constant control of the pieces produced. The entire production process is monitored and tracked with appropriate statistical controls.
PPAP documentation (Production Part Approval Process). For every order we produce the PPAP documentation as requested by the companies in the automotive and motor vehicle sectors. All production phases are monitored with dedicated control machinery. The customer can verify at our office, anytime, the PPAP documentation.
The parts we produce for the automotive industry. Starting from the customer’s technical drawing we produce mechanical components for engines, such as:

• valve fittings;
• safety components for LPG and CNG;
• engine components;
• injectors components;
• motorcycle accessories (screws, washers, nuts);
• Ergal steel screws for motor vehicles.
We work materials such as:
• alloy steel;
• stainless steel;
• aluminum;
• brass;
• super light alloys such as Ergal and titanium.