The main foundations at the basis of our company are:
• satisfaction and focus on customer needs;
• continuous improvement of the products and services offered;
• compliance with the specific requirements clarified by customers;
• compliance with the requirements of ASD customers;
• compliance with safety standards in the workplace;
• improvement over time in health and safety performance at work;
• ISO 9001 2015 quality management system;
• international process management system.

Our organization is in continuous development, in a continuous research to improve every process; today our company has the following certifications:


Our Top Management is continuously and systematically involved in the implementation, maintenance, development and improvement of the Quality Management System.
We have undertaken the commitment of:
• adopting
• documenting
• implementing
• maintaining
• improving continuously
in Quality Management System (QMS), which allows to guarantee the achievement of the set targets and customer satisfaction, in compliance with the applicable Standards and Guidelines, as well as the specific contractual requirements.
In order to implement this system, we provide to:
• identify and determine the processes necessary for the QMS (product realization processes, processes connected with management responsibility, resource management processes, measurement, analysis and improvement processes);
• determine the sequence and interaction of these processes;
• determine criteria and methods to ensure the effective implementation and control of the processes, including those outsourced;
• ensure the availability of the necessary information to support the implementation and control of processes;
• measure, monitor, analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality and process management system and implement the necessary actions to achieve planned results and continuous improvement.
Our Top Management establishes and periodically re-examines the Company Quality Policy, defining suitable quality targets, carrying out periodic reviews of the Quality Management System, ensuring the availability of the necessary resources for the implementation of the processes, compliance with the specified requirements, the achievement of the set goals and objectives and continuous improvement.
The quality of our organization is the basis of the quality of our products.


We maintain a planned management of monitoring, measurement and analysis activities, with the aim to obtain precise indications on the state of compliance of our products and services, of our processes and our system, always with the constant tendency to improve in quality and efficiency.
The indicators we use to measure quality and performance are subject to a periodic evaluation, in order to ensure that they are the most useful and significant in reference to the obtained results and net of the internal variations in our market organization, the desired requisites and the context in which we operate.
The indicators foresee the possibility of analysis in short, medium and long term, because the subsequent operational and strategic decisions may derive from an absolutely complete vision.
What emerges from this monitoring activity is brought to the attention of the Top Management, that after having assessed the results and compared them with what was expected and planned, establishes the programs, the eventual improvements to be started and sets the new targets.